Maranta Leuconeura

Maranta Leuconeura

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Pot size: 12cm x Plant height: 30cm approx.

Fits a pot with a 13cm - 15cm diameter.

*Pot in image not included in price


Maranta are a firm favourite to many because of their minimal care requirements and striking foliage. They're one of the group of plants commonly known as prayer plants, a name that is owed to the fact that their leaves lie flat in the light and draw upwards up in darkness, resembling hands in prayer.

Light: Indirect light or shade

Maranta do best in a spot with bright but indirect light but can tolerate a lightly shaded spot too. Too much bright light can scorch the leaves, or cause them to become faded and appear washed out.

Watering: Moderate

Water when the top inch of the soil is dry in the warmer months and when at least half the pot of soil has dried in the cooler months. The easiest way to check moisture levels is by sticking your finger into the soil to the required depth.

Humidity: Moderate

Maranta leuconeura are native to the rainforests of South America and will enjoy a spot that emulates the high humidity of its natural habitat. However, they're an extremely easy going houseplant and will still thrive in the lesser humidity levels that most of us naturally have in our homes. Avoid placing close to known air dryers such as radiators and fan heaters. Browning on the edge of the leaves can be a sign that humidity levels are too low. If this occurs, spray the leaves with a water misting bottle or place a dish filled with stones and water beneath the plant.


Maranta are vines so will eventually begin to trail instead of continuing to grow upwards. Initially you will want the plant to be at eye level or lower so you can enjoy the striking foliage, but eventually a spot higher up will be needed to see the leaves in all their glory!