Our Workshops

We hold a wide range of classes taught by ourselves and guest teachers from a variety of different industries - terrarium building, plant potting, flower arranging, candle making, and modern calligraphy to name a few! 

All classes are held in the relaxing environment of our Deptford Store, where you will be able to shop before and after the classes if you chose. 

Please get in touch if you'd like more information, or if you're interested in becoming one of our guest teachers.

21st March 2024

Candle Making - Join Jessica from August for an essential oil candle making workshop.

The workshop is a relaxed introduction into the process of using essential oils and natural wax to create botanical candles. Jessica will guide you through exploring and experimenting with the oils to make your bespoke scent blend before hand-pouring your own candle to take home.

We will also discuss why we prefer using natural ingredients in the home, the difference between fragrance and essential oils, different wax types and how scent stimulates the olfactory system evoking memories and helping to create new ones, as well as sharing some candle care tips.

Price - £50.00

Time - 7pm - 9pm

Bookings online via

11th April 2024

Cyanotype Print MakingCome join Artist Lizzie Cardozo for a hands-on cyanotype workshop. Learn the magical process of creating beautiful blue prints using sunlight. In this workshop you’ll gain further knowledge of cyanotype print making from mixing chemicals to treating paper to create your own beautiful vivid cyanotype prints. No experience necessary - just bring your creativity and enthusiasm! 

Price - £35.00

Time - 7pm to 9pm

Bookings online via

21st April 2024

Masking Tape Mycology - Join artist and designer Emma Kilraine of Studio Funnel for a mushroom themed masking tape maquette making workshop. Using just masking tape, wire and acrylic paint – you will create your very own fungi bouquet!

Expect practical, step-by-step guidance through the process of sculpting various forms found within the wonderful world of fungi.
The free-form nature of the process allows for interesting shapes and is very forgiving, making this class suitable for all abilities. This is a simple process that once learnt, can be easily applied to sculpting a variety of other charming, playful objects.

All materials will be provided, including a small wooden plinth to display the finished arrangement.

Price - £35.00

Time - 4pm to 7pm

Bookings online via

15th May 2024

Modern Calligraphy – Join Kirstie Bird from Ink & Flow for a calligraphy workshop suitable for complete beginners. The class will start with an introduction to good technique and some nib knowledge before you are guided through some practice exercises, finally moving on to letterforms. By the end of the session everyone will be able to write their name, or a favourite quote, in Modern Calligraphy.

Kirstie will host this 2 hour mindful calligraphy workshop which includes an essential kit of calligraphy materials to use in the class and take away with you. It doesn’t matter if you think your handwriting is bad, or if you’re left-handed (Kirstie is too!), you can still master the art of calligraphy with some practise.

Price - £55.00

Time - 7pm - 9pm

Bookings online via