Our New House Plant Shop

If you follow us on Instagram (@forest_london) you may have heard our exciting news - the opening of our new branch of Forest in Deptford Market Yard! 

The Market Yard, located right by Deptford Rail Station, was renovated mid last year and was officially launched in October of 2016. From the beginning when we attended the launch party we knew we wanted to be part of it - the brilliant local businesses, vibrant night life and the forthcoming street food market. And so in April this year we officially opened the doors to our second house plant shop, Forest Deptford! 

The larger space allows for us to stock a wider range of houseplants from the very large Ficus Lyrata and Palms, to the ever popular miniature succulents. And with the brilliant high ceilings of the Arch we are able to hold a great variety of trailing and hanging plants such as the Lepismium and Samphire like Rhipsalis. Take a look at the house plant section of our online shop to see just a few of our collection!


 As well as lots of exciting new products that we're bringing to Deptford we have carried over our classic favourites, including the Terrible Twins and L:A Bruket candle and spa ranges, our favourite Nkuku terrariums, vintage tubs and pots, and stylish concrete pots and planters. 


Check us out on Instagram to see more photos of our new shop and hopefully we will see you there soon!

Alice and the Forest Team