Pet-Friendly House Plants


Many of us Londoners dream of having homes filled with luscious botanicals. We picture them happily thriving in our urban oasis and creating a sense of calm in our homes. Many of us, too, have little furry friends, which means we need to find non-toxic plants that won’t harm them.

Our customers frequently ask about pet-friendly plants that are guaranteed as safe to cats and dogs. So, we thought we would offer guidance on the best non-toxic plants that are easy to manage and cost-friendly.

At Forest, we believe that owning house plants should be as accessible as possible. So, we’ve summarised some beautiful foliage that make for perfect starter plants or as additions to an existing family.

We’ve clarified the unknowns, meaning you can choose these knowing that your pet will be safe, wherever they choose to roam. Whether you are looking for one plant or a new collection, this guide will help you make the right choices for your space.


Maranta Leuconeura 'Fascinator'


Commonly known as the ‘Prayer Plant’, it is a species with tropical origins that is fast becoming a popular choice for the home. Primarily, this striking foliage is easy to care for and requires relatively little maintenance.


During the daytime in full light, the prayer plant opens its leaves, and at night they draw upwards looking as if in prayer. They thrive in moist, humid environments so the bathroom is the perfect spot. This endearing and characterful plant offers an interesting contrast of greens to brighten up your space. If cared for properly, they can grow up to 12 inches tall and equally as wide. They are very happy amongst other foliage and make for a reliable addition to your home.


Light requirements? Prayer Plants dislike direct sunlight because it will bleach their leaves, so aim for indirect light, but in a bright room.




 A very hardy houseplant and for this reason, a must-have addition. It features long, dark green paddle-shaped leaves coming off elegant shoots.

The Aspidistra is easy-going in nature. They can tolerate most light conditions and even inconsistent watering patterns (although watering your precious plants with consistency is always preferable).

This plant is perfect for a beginner plant-lover, or of course, someone with a curious pet! It is familiarly known as ‘cast-iron’ because it is virtually indestructible – resulting in a highly sought after pet-safe botanical.

 Light requirements? The Aspidistra will thrive in areas of low light, so take advantage of this by placing them in areas if your home where natural light is sparse.



Calathea Lancifolia


This distinctive botanical offers a palette of velvety leaves peppered with burgundy undertones, offering a striking contrast that will complement softer greens. Their markings are distinctive and vibrant, and like the prayer plant, they too respond to the sun by spreading their leaves in the morning and closing them in the evening.

Light requirements? Calathea appreciate diffused light in plentiful amounts. Their markings will fade if placed in direct sunlight, so be tentative to this variegated plant.



Asplenium Nidus


Fondly known as ‘Bird’s Nest Fern’ and featuring glossy, grass-green leaves, making it the perfect accent to brighten spaces that are feeling a bit lacklustre. This plant is also great for beginners looking to add a hint of tropical to their indoor garden.

Light requirements? Shade from direct sunlight. A little bit of indirect light will keep this easy-going plant very happy.



Howea Forsteriana


A simple yet evidently beautiful plant. The Howea Forsteriana is native to Australia and was imported to the U.K during the Victorian era. The Victorian’s admired this palm for its low maintenance and preference for shady spots, and, given that we often have shady spots in our homes, it’s no wonder that it remains popular to this day.

This is the perfect backdrop for your indoor garden, offering deep green foliage that allows space for your smaller accent plants. This is a firm favourite amongst houseplant lovers.

Light requirements? This beauty prefers indirect sunlight but will also tolerate shade. If you place it in a room that has some direct morning sun or afternoon sunlight, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

We’ve mentioned some of our favourites here, which can be purchased online, or alternatively, you can pop into one of our shops where a team member will be on-hand to chat through some options with you. We’re more than happy to help!


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