Set of 3 Mixed Air Plants

Set of 3 Mixed Air Plants

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Plant length: 7.5cm approx but can vary greatly. 

*Please note there are only 3 Air Plants in this set, the image shows all varieties you may receive.


Air plants are a low maintenance houseplant that will add colour and texture with a point of difference to your plant collection. 

Light: Bright but indirect 

Air plants prefer bright but indirect light. They will sit happily on an East or North facing window sills but will need to be kept further back in a brightly lit South or West facing room. In rooms with higher humidity levels they can tolerate brighter light.

Watering: Mist weekly

Contrary to their name, air plants need more than just air to survive. You can mist them, or give them a “water bath” (sit them in room-temperature water for 15-30 minutes) weekly. Water in the mornings to ensure they dry quickly - air plants are prone to rot if kept damp for prolonged periods of time. If you have given them a water bath, make sure to sit your plants upside down on a surface so that excess water runs out from between the leaves.

Humidity: High

Air plants come from areas with tropical climates and therefore enjoy high levels of humidity. A bathroom or kitchen is ideal - natural moisture in the air means you can forgo watering a little longer!

How do I know if my air plant is getting enough water?

When underwatered, air plants will show often start to brown on the tips of the leaves. You can prevent further browning by moving them to a spot in the home that better suits their environmental needs (remember the seasons can determine how often you need to water your plants).

If the leaves of your air plant start to fall away, or the base turns blackish-brown these are sure signs of over watering. Unfortunately it may be too late at this point, so like many plants, it is a good idea to give them slightly less water whilst you get used to their care needs.